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The 4 yard skip is a versatile, multipurpose waste disposal container that can be used for a wide variety of household and commercial projects. Whether you are having a general tidy up around your home, disposing of old kitchen units or clearing out a garage, the 4 yard skip is a great choice.

Also known as a midi skip, the 4yd skip is an ideal size for driveways. However, with a correct skip permit in place, they can also be delivered on the road if required.

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What size is a 4 yard skip?

A 4 yard midi skip has a capacity of 4 cubic yards. To give you a rough idea, this is enough space to fit approximately 30 to 40 black bin bags of rubbish or 18 standard wheelbarrows of waste.

The 4 yard skip size makes them ideal for most small to medium-sized jobs without taking up a huge amount of space.

Although sizes can vary slightly, the standard 4 yard skip dimensions are as follows:

  • Capacity – 4 cubic yard / 3 cubic metres
  • Height – 3′ 2″ / 0.97 metres
  • Length – 6′ 0″ / 1.83 metres
  • Width – 4′ 3″ / 1.3 metres

4 Yard Skip Dimensions

How much does a 4 yard skip cost?

The midi skip is an affordable and convenient option for both domestic and commercial projects. As with all other sizes, 4 yard skip hire prices vary across the UK. For example, if you are hiring a 4 yd skip in London, you can expect to pay more than hiring one in Newcastle.

Another factor to consider when considering 4 yard skip costs is whether it will require a permit from the council. If the skip is being delivered on to private property, such as a driveway, yard or within your own business premises, you won’t need to permit.

However, if the skip needs to be sited on the side of a road or any other publicly owned property, you will need to obtain a skip permit before it can be delivered. The cost of a license also fluctuates from council to council, but you can generally expect to pay an extra £15 to £50 for the permit.

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How much can you get in a 4 yard skip?

As mentioned above, a 4 yard skip can hold approximately 30 to 40 bags full of waste. This is roughly the equivalent of 12 wheelie bins of waste.

Of course, how much you can get in the skip will ultimately depend on the type of waste you are disposing of. If you are throwing away bulky furniture, for example, you are likely to have more empty spaces than if the skip was full of soil.

4 cubic yard skips can be used to dispose of all types of mixed waste. That includes rubble, old furniture, unwanted appliances and all kinds of garden waste. If you are clearing out the garage or attic at your home, 4 yard skips can also take on DIY materials such as wood and plasterboard.

The 4yd midi skip is an ideal size for a driveway or project that requires limited space. So whether you are having a garden tidy up, renovating the house or just doing some home improvements, 4 yard skips are perfect for disposing of all types of waste.

Can I put soil in a 4 yard skip?

Yes, you can put soil in 4 yard skip hire. In fact, the 4 yard midi skip is excellent for all types of garden and construction waste. So, in addition to soil, you can also use the skip for stone, rubble, bricks and other hardcore materials.

The 4yd skip can hold roughly 4 tonnes of waste when full, which will certainly make a good dent in any garden or building project.

If you’re not sure if a 4 yard skip is big enough for the amount of waste you need to dispose of, you might want to choose one of our larger builders skips. These are available in both 6 and 8 cubic yards.

Will a bath fit in a 4 yard skip?

If you need to dispose of an old bath, a 4 yard skip is the smallest skip you would want to go for. Unless the bathtub is broken down into small pieces, it wouldn’t fit into the smaller 2 yard mini skip.

For that reason, 4 yard skips are a popular choice for bathroom fitters, as they are just about the right size to dispose of a standard bathroom suite, tiles and other waste typically generated from a bathroom renovation.

Is there anything I can’t put in the skip?

Most waste materials you are likely to produce can be disposed of in a 4 yd skip. However, some types of waste are prohibited by skip companies. These materials are classified as hazardous waste, and therefore have to be kept separate from the general waste you put in your skip.

Examples of hazardous waste that cannot be put in a general waste skip include:

  • Asbestos
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Paint and chemicals
  • Gas cylinders

Will a 4 yard skip fit on my driveway?

As long as your driveway is big enough for a standard-sized car, you shouldn’t have any problems having a 4 yard skip delivered. However, it is essential to remember that although the skip may fit, you still need to ensure there is sufficient space for a skip lorry to gain access.

Can I get a 4 yard skip with a door?

The vast majority of 4 yard skips do have a drop door. Having a drop door on the skip makes loading much easier, especially when it comes to heavy waste such as soil and rubble. The drop-down door means you can use a wheelbarrow to walk waste directly into the skip – saving you both time and potential back pain from having to lift waste over the side.

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