8yd Skips Available Throughout the UK

8yd skips are one of our most popular choices for skip hire. They are perfect for many different waste disposal projects, as they can hold a large amount of waste.

8yd skips (or 8 cubic yard skips) are commonly described as maxi or builders skips. This is because they, along with the 6yd skip, are the most popular skip sizes used within the building and construction industry.

At Wastefair, we aim to provide you with the best 8 yard skip prices no matter where you want your skip to be delivered in the UK. Whether you need an 8yd skip in Liverpool, Brighton, Cardiff or Edinburgh, you can find the best price and reliable online service right here.

What size is an 8yd skip?

8yd skips have a capacity of 8 cubic yards. This is roughly the equivalent of around 75-90 bin bags of rubbish or approximately 36 wheelbarrows full of waste.

The 8yd skip size makes them ideal for most building and large household projects. The dimensions of this size container are as follows:

  • Capacity – 8 cubic yard / 6.1 cubic metres
  • Height – 4′ 0″ / 1.22 metres
  • Length – 12′ 0″ / 3.66 metres
  • Width – 5′ 6″ / 1.67 metres

8 Yard Skip Dimensions

How many tonnes is an 8yd skip?

The maximum weight capacity of an 8 yard skip is up to 8 tonnes. This makes them perfect for heavy waste materials such as bricks, soil and rubble.

It is important not to overload the skip as this could put it over the 8 tonne weight limit. This is especially important if you fill it with heavy materials such as those mentioned above (soil, rubble, etc.).

How much does an 8yd skip cost?

As with all of the skips we offer at Wastefair, we aim to provide 8yd skip hire prices that are affordable and competitive throughout the UK.

8 yard skip prices vary depending on your location, the duration of hire and whether the skip is being dropped on private or public property (e.g. on a public road).

What waste materials you are disposing of can also make a difference, as some skip companies may offer a cheaper price for materials that can be reused, such as clean hardcore or soil.

You can get an 8yd skip hire quote in just a few easy steps by entering your postcode into the search box provided.

What can you put in an 8 yard skip?

8yd skips are perfect for many different projects, such as:

  • General household waste. 8yd skip hire is commonly used around the home to clear away unwanted furniture, household goods and garden waste.
  • Builders’ waste. 8 yard skips are among the most popular sizes used by building contractors and tradespeople who fit out new properties and undertake renovation work. They are ideal for all types of building materials, including bricks, soil and rubble.
  • Demolition waste. 8 cubic yard skips are also the most popular size used by demolition contractors, as 8 tonnes is typically enough to clear away large amounts of demolition waste from old buildings and other structures.

What 8 yard skips can’t be used for

Although 8yd skips are great for a wide range of different types of waste, there are some things that they can’t be used for. This includes the following:

  • Paint tins
  • Solvents
  • Fridges
  • Gas cylinders
  • Computer monitors
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboard

All of the above items are classed as hazardous waste, so they can’t be disposed of in a general waste skip.

Can I have an 8yd skip delivered on the road?

Yes, it is possible to have an 8yd skip delivered on the road in most cases. But to have a skip delivered on the road or any other public property, you need to have permission from the council. This is known as a skip permit.

The cost of a skip permit varies across the UK, with prices ranging from £15 to over £50 in some locations.

It usually takes a couple of days to apply for a permit, but we take care of this for you. Let us know that the skip will be on public property when placing your order, and we will make all of the necessary arrangements.

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