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The 2 yard skip is the smallest and cheapest skip available in the UK. Although it is small in size, the 2 yard skip is still an excellent option for many waste disposal jobs around the home.

At Wastefair, we provide reliable and cost-effective skip hire and waste management services across the UK. So whether you want a 2 yard skip delivering to Bedford, Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff, we aim to provide the cheapest 2 yard skip hire prices online.

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What size is a 2 yard skip?

The 2 yard skip has a capacity of 2 cubic yards, which is the equivalent of 1.5 cubic metres. This makes it a perfect size for clearing out small volumes of rubbish from your home or business premises.

2 cubic yards are big enough for approximately 25 to 35 bin bags of rubbish or 4 household wheelie bins of waste. This will undoubtedly save you a few trips to your local council recycling centre.

The 2 yard skip dimensions are as follows:

  • Capacity – 2 cubic yards / 1.5 cubic metres
  • Height – 2′ 6″ / 0.79 metres
  • Length – 4′ 0″ / 1.22 metres
  • Width – 3′ 0″ / 0.91 metres

2 Yard Skip Dimensions

How much does a 2 yard skip cost?

As mentioned above, the 2 cubic yard skip is our cheapest skip. Prices start from as little as £60, making the 2 yard an affordable option for many waste disposal projects.

The cost of hiring a skip does vary quite a bit across the UK. With areas such as London being more expensive than the average cost in other parts of the country. So the cost of hiring a 2 yard skip in your location could end up being more than £60.

However, finding out the price is quick and easy. Just enter your delivery postcode into the search box provided, and we will instantly show you your local skip hire price for the 2 yard skip, as well as other sizes available.

The cost of hiring a skip will also increase if you require a permit from your local council. This is only needed if you want your skip placed on public property, such as the side of a road. If the skip will be on your property, such as your driveway, for example, you won’t have to worry about getting a permit.

As with skip hire prices, the cost of getting a permit varies from council to council. You can expect to pay an extra £15 to £50 for the permit in most cases. This is a cost charged by the local authority responsible for the area where you want your skip to be delivered.

What can you fit in a 2 yard skip?

As mentioned above, you can fit the equivalent of around 25-35 bags of rubbish in a 2 yard skip. This is roughly 4 household wheelie bins or 9 wheelbarrows full of waste.

Other than some prohibited items (listed below), you can use a 2 yard skip for a whole host of different types of waste. Some examples of what you could put in your skip include:

  • General household waste, such as old furniture, clothes, toys and rubbish from DIY projects.
  • Garden waste such as soil, tree cuttings, plants, hedge trimmings and turf.
  • Construction waste such as bricks, concrete, timber and metals.
  • Office waste such as paper, cardboard boxes, canteen waste and old stationery.
  • Rubbish from kitchen refurbishments, such as old cabinets, tiles and worktops.
  • Waste from bathroom renovations, such as old sinks, toilets, shower trays and bathroom tiles.

To get the most out of your 2 yard skip, you should be mindful of how you load it. Braking large bulky items down into smaller bits will certainly help to maximise the amount of waste you can fit in.

Putting heavier items on top can also help. For example, if you dispose of garden waste, putting hedge trimmings at the bottom and then heavier logs on top will squash everything down to help you get more in.

Please keep in mind, however, that you must not overload the skip. You have to keep to a level load. Otherwise, your skip driver might not be able to collect your skip safely, and you may be asked to remove some of the excess waste before it can be picked up.

What can’t you put in a skip?

Whenever you hire a skip, including the 2 yard skip, it is important to remember that there are some items that you can’t put in the skip. This includes the following:

  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboard
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Paint tins
  • Solvents
  • Batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Tyres
  • Computer monitors
  • Chemicals

Each of the above listed items is a type of hazardous waste. This means they can’t be disposed of in a general waste skip.

If you are a household customer, you can often take hazardous waste such as tyres, batteries and paint tins to your local council run recycling centre.

If you are a business customer with hazardous waste to get rid of, we can provide a specialist hazardous waste collection service. For further details on this service, contact our friendly customer service team. We will happily provide a free quote, however big or small your requirements may be.

How long can you keep a skip for?

When you hire a skip through us, you can typically keep your skip for up to 2 weeks from the date it is delivered.

If the skip is going on public property where a permit is needed, the council may limit how long the skip can be there. If this is the case, we will let you know the maximum hire period before placing your order.

Although you can keep a skip for up to 2 weeks, you might not need it that long. Especially when it comes to the 2 cubic yard skip, you might even have it loaded within a single day.

If you are finished with the skip early, just let us know, and we will arrange for it to be collected asap. We can usually have skips picked up the following day, and sometimes a same day collection might be possible.

We understand that a full skip can get in your way, so we will always aim to get them collected and out of your way as quickly as possible.

You also have the option of selecting an earlier collection date when placing your order.

How do I order a 2 yard skip?

We have taken the hassle out of ordering a 2 yard skip by making the whole process as quick and easy as possible. There are no phone calls and waiting on hold, as everything can be done online in just a few clicks.

  • Enter the postcode of where you want your skip to be delivered into the search box to view the best prices available in your location.
  • Select whether your skip will be placed on private property (e.g. a driveway) or public property (e.g. a road). If you select public property, the cost of the skip permit will be displayed, along with the earliest delivery date.
  • Use the date picker provided to choose the date you would like to have your skip delivered. You can also select the date you want it to be collected.
  • Enter your contact information, delivery details and payment information using our secure booking system to complete your order.

And that’s it. Your 2 yard skip will be delivered by one of our approved waste management companies on the date you have chosen.

Will I need a skip permit?

You will only require a skip permit (also known as a skip license) if you want to have your skip delivered on a road or other public property. But you don’t need to worry, as we can take care of this for you.

You will be asked if the skip will be on private or public property when placing your order. We will let you know how much the local authority charges for a skip permit if it is going on public property.

This may also affect the earliest delivery date, as many councils will need a minimum of 48 hours notice to issue the skip permit.

If you have a driveway or other private property where the skip can go, you won’t need a skip permit, and you can usually have it delivered sooner. The compact size of the 2 yard skip means it will fit on even the smallest of driveways.

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