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Whether you are clearing out your loft, having some building work carried out or tidying up the back garden, hiring a skip is a quick and easy option to get rid of your excess junk. If you are searching to get a cost-effective skip hire provider in West London, we can help.

We can offer skips for jobs of any size. Whether you require a midi skip for a standard clean up or even a builder’s skip for concrete and rubble, we are able to supply a full range ideal for jobs big or small.

We supply skips to houses and companies located in West London and the surrounding areas. So no matter where you are, we can offer a reliable and cheap skip hire service that won’t let you down.

Hiring a skip on our website is simple. Our online booking system lets you select from a whole array of sizes that can be delivered within as little as 24 hours.

Not sure what size skip you may need to do the job? Why not check out our skip size calculator to learn just how much waste each size can handle.

West London Skip Hire FAQs

How long am I allowed to hire a skip for?

Normally, you can keep a skip for a maximum of 14 days. This means you don’t have to hurry through your project. When you have completed your project or the skip is full prior to the 14-day mark, we will be happy to come and pick up the skip earlier. Just give us a call or contact us on our website, and we will be out to pick it up as soon as possible.

How soon can you deliver a skip to West London?

When your skip is ordered, we will do our very best to deliver it for you on a date that best suits you. We will normally provide a following day delivery service for orders arranged before 3pm on Monday to Friday. This will be subject to having the skip placed on private property, because to go on public property (such as a street), you need to get a skip permit which may take a couple of days to organise.

As a result of several factors that could impact our service, we can never promise an exact delivery time. Having said that, we will always aim to inform you whether you can expect it turning up in a morning or afternoon slot.

What is the cost of hiring a skip in West London?

The cost of getting a skip in West London is determined by the size of skip you require. The least expensive skip available is the 2 cubic yard mini skip, which is suitable for small DIY jobs and general tidyups. If you need a larger skip, like an 8 yard builders skip, it will naturally be more expensive. The price will also be more if you need to have a skip on the road, because you will require a permit, which the council charge a fee for.

Do I need approval to get a skip delivered on the street in West London?

Preferably, you want to have the skip left on a hard surface. If you are carrying out a household task, then your driveway will be best. When it is a commercial job, then a car park or company premises is the way to go. On the other hand, when neither option is available, the road or grass verge could be your only choice. As this is public property, you have got to get a permit from the local council. This is called a skip permit, and will be necessary for a skip to be dropped on a street, grass verge as well as other public property in West London. If this is required, we will arrange for the permit to be issued on your behalf. An additional charge, paid to the local council, will be added to the price of your chosen skip size.

Can you deliver to other areas in Greater London?

Indeed, we can offer a national skip hire and waste management service. We can deliver our range of skips to areas across Greater London, such as West London, Hillingdon, Northolt and Southwark. So no matter where you want a skip to get delivered, we have got it covered.

What size is a roll-on roll-off skip?

Roll-on roll-off (RORO) skips are substantial industrial scale skips used primarily within the business sector. These come in 20-40 cubic yards, which makes them excellent for companies that generate large volumes of waste.

Do I need to be home whenever the skip is due to be delivered?

If you are getting a skip delivered to your property, it is best to be in on the day the skip is delivered. Then you can ensure the lorry has complete access and that the skip will be placed precisely where you want it. This also is applicable for those who have a skip delivered to business property, particularly when gates restrict access.

On the other hand, if that isn’t feasible, you don’t need to stress. Just let us know when making your order, and then we will handle everything.

How many different skip sizes are there?

Skips are offered in a wide range of different sizes to match different waste disposal requirements. They are measured by volume, usually in cubic yards. The smallest of these sizes is the 2 yard skip, also known as the mini skip. It will hold approximately 25 bin bags of waste, which is good for small domestic projects.

The next size up is the 4 yard skip, which can be used to hold roughly 35 bin bags of rubbish. This skip is roughly the size of a smallish car and is sometimes referred to as a midi skip. The 4 yard skip is an excellent option for garden clearances and household refurbishment jobs.

When you have a more significant waste disposal task to deal with, a builder’s skip may be the best option. These are available in both 6 and 8 cubic yard sizes. As the title implies, these are the most frequent sizes used by builders for building and demolition waste, such as soil and rubble. However they can just as well be used for household rubbish such as old furniture or bathroom suites.

We can also supply 10-16 yard bins and industrial 20-40 yard roll-on roll-off containers. For additional info on all the different skip sizes we have available, click on the link below.

Guide to skip sizes

What size is a builder’s skip?

The builders skip is regarded as the common skip which is hired across the UK. Coming in either a 6 or 8 cubic yard capacity, the builders skip is great for most building projects, which is where the name comes from.

The 8 cubic yard builders skip is the biggest option which can be used for hefty waste like garden soil, concrete, stone and gravel.

Do all skips have a drop door?

For anyone who is hiring a builder’s skip, the likelihood is that it will have a drop door. This is made for disposing of hefty building and construction materials, as it can be walked in to the skip with a wheelbarrow.

Some mini skips and 4 yarders also have a drop door, though these are less common. The reason being these sizes are generally low enough at the ends so that you can tip a wheelbarrow of waste materials into them.

If you need a drop door for your job, please tell us when placing your order. We will do our very best to ensure a skip which has a drop door is delivered.

Am I allowed to dispose of electronic items in my skip?

As a result of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013, electric goods must be kept separate from general waste materials to get reused, recycled or disposed of safely. This includes all electric powered items like cookers, monitors, toasters, laptops and even hairdryers.

What happens to the waste in my skip once I have finished?

Once you have finished filling up your skip, we will come and get it. It will be taken to a waste transfer centre in or local to West London where we segregate the rubbish into its composite types (wood, plastics, rubble, etc.). By separating the waste from your skip, we can recycle as much of it as possible.

What types of waste am I allowed to put in a skip?

You are allowed to fill up your skip with a wide range of different waste types which are commonly generated from house clearances, construction work, garden landscaping and lots of other jobs. This can include wood, garden soil, bricks, hedge trimmings, furniture, toys, cabinets or old bathroom suites.

What you throw in the skip will depend on which size you have ordered, because there is a maximum weight limit. For example, if you will be using the skip for heavy construction waste such as concrete or dirt, the biggest size you could use is the 8 cubic yard builders skip.

Some materials cannot be disposed of in the skip. This includes refrigerators, computer monitors, tyres, chemicals, paint, asbestos and plasterboard. These materials are classed as hazardous waste and therefore must be disposed of separately.

Will a West London skip hire company deliver my skip?

A local skip hire company will most likely deliver your skip in West London. We employ a network of both local and nationwide businesses to allow us to provide our service to domestic and business customers throughout the whole of the UK. These businesses are comprehensively assessed to make sure they satisfy the high expectations we require when it comes to customer service, price and environmental performance.

Is it okay to stack up the waste in my skip?

It is vital to never overload the skip. You can not pass the level load mark shown on the side of the skip. If the skip is overfilled, it becomes very hazardous to move. This means that if you overfill the skip, you might be required to take away the excess waste. No matter how secure you think the skip to be, it can not be picked up if overloaded. This includes making use of doors or any other large flat materials to build up around the rubbish. This can be dangerous and is therefore prohibited.

What is the process of hiring a skip in West London?

This is the easy part. First, select the size of skip you wish to hire. Tell us if the skip shall be going on private property (a driveway, for example) or council property (like the road). Next, choose the day you would like your skip to be delivered. Check your order details and then make payment using our secure online payment platform. Order complete! We will deliver your skip to West London on the date you have selected.

How much waste will a mini skip hold?

The mini skip is the smallest size provided by skip firms and is great for smaller DIY jobs, garden clearances and general tidy-ups. For the majority of companies, the mini skip will be a 2 yard skip, that can hold the equivalent of roughly 25 black bags worth of rubbish.

Instead of a 2 yard skip, some skip companies will offer a 3 cubic yard as their smallest container. They will likely refer to this as the mini skip, which may be slightly confusing. But rest assured, the fee for hiring the skip is based on the actual size of the skip you order, so whether it is classed as being a mini skip or not will not make any difference.

Other areas covered include Hillingdon, Northolt, Southwark, Ruislip, Uxbridge, Wembley, Kensington and Northwood.

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