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If you are looking for cost-effective skip hire in New Quay, you are certainly in the best place. We work with a network of local and nationwide waste management businesses to offer a trusted and efficient service to both residential and business clients.

We provide a whole range of sizes suitable for all of your waste removal needs. From the 2 cubic yard mini skip all the way up to the 16 yard container, not forgetting our range of commercial roll-on roll-off containers.

We deliver skips in New Quay and the nearby areas. If you are ordering a skip placed on your private property (such as a driveway), we can normally schedule delivery within 24 hours. Skips which will be on the road take a little longer, as we have to obtain a permit from the local authority.

With our simple online booking system, you can hire a skip within just a couple of clicks and have it delivered anywhere in New Quay.

For further information about hiring a skip plus the service we offer, we have answered several of the frequently asked questions below. Can’t find what you need? Get in touch with a member of our team who will gladly help.

New Quay Skip Hire FAQs

Will you deliver skips across Dyfed?

In addition to delivering skips and containers to New Quay, we can also deliver to other towns and villages within Dyfed. By utilising a network of regional and national skip hire and recycling businesses, we provide a truly nationwide service. So whether you need a skip delivering to a house or business in New Quay, Carmarthen or Tregaron, we have got you covered.

How many different skip sizes are available?

We provide a full selection of skip sizes to household and commercial clients all over the UK. We have a skip to suit all needs – from the modest 2 yard mini skip to the huge 40 yard roll-on roll-off container.

Here are the different skip sizes you can choose from, with a rough idea of how much rubbish each size can hold:

  • 2 Cubic Yard – 20-30 bin bags
  • 4 Cubic Yard – 30-40 bin bags
  • 6 Cubic Yard – 50-60 bin bags
  • 8 Cubic Yard – 60-80 bin bags
  • 10 Cubic Yard – 80-100 bin bags
  • 12 Cubic Yard – 100-120 bin bags
  • 14 Cubic Yard – 120-140 bin bags
  • 16 Cubic Yard – 140-160 bin bags

For further information about our selection of skips, such as measurements plus the waste they can be used for, have a look at our guide to skip sizes.

How much waste will a builder’s skip hold?

The builder’s skip is the most popular skip which is ordered in the UK. Offered in either a 6 or 8 yard capacity, the builders skip is fantastic for most building and demolition tasks, which is where the label originates from.

The 8 yard builder’s skip will be the biggest size that can be used for heavy materials such as garden soil, concrete, stone and gravel.

Should I be in when the skip will be delivered?

No, you don’t need to be home when we deliver the skip. As long as we are able to access where you need it delivered, we are able to manage everything.

If you are not going to be in, simply provide us with any relevant delivery instructions when booking your order. For instance, you may prefer the skip to be positioned on a particular side of your property. Alternatively, you might want to ensure the skip does not block access to your garage.

Whatever the case might be, provide the details when you place your order, and we will make sure the instructions are passed to the lorry driver.

How much does it cost to hire a skip in New Quay?

The cost of hiring a skip in New Quay is determined by the size of skip you want. The lowest priced skip available is the 2 yard mini skip, which is perfect for small DIY jobs and general clearances. If you want a bigger skip, like an 8 cubic yard builders skip, it will naturally be more expensive. The price will also be more if you want to have a skip positioned on the road, as you will need a permit, which the council charge a fee for.

Can I fill the skip higher than the level load mark?

It is very important not to overfill a skip, as you run the risk of being told to remove excess waste before it can be collected. Regardless of the size you order, you are only allowed to fill them to a level load. This is a safety condition, as moving an overloaded container will be hazardous, as waste could fall and result in injuries or damage to others.

To avoid this problem, please ensure that you order a skip size appropriate for your waste disposal requirements. If the skip is full and you have extra waste to get rid of, we are pleased to provide an exchange.

What types of waste materials am I allowed to put in the skip?

You can throw a variety of waste into your skip. This can include timber, tile, metal or rubble from a property clearance. Plant and bush clippings, soil and stone from garden work is permitted also. Dated units from a kitchen and old bathroom fittings may also go in your skip.

There are, however, some things that you are not allowed to put in a skip a result of the possible environment or health risks they could cause.

You are unable to throw in your refrigerator, computer monitor or old car tyres. Chemical waste, asbestos or paint is also not allowed in the skip. Each of these items incorporate hazardous components in one form or another. They should be discarded separately from normal waste.

Should you require hazardous waste removal, we may be able to schedule an independent collection for this waste. Please email us for further information. Alternatively, if you are a household customer, you might be able to take this kind of waste to your local council managed recycling centre.

How do I hire a skip in New Quay?

We have developed our booking system with speed and simplicity at its core. The first step is to enter your delivery postcode to check out all the different skip sizes we can provide in New Quay. Select the right size to meet your requirements and provide us with the details of where and when you want your skip delivered. After that you can make payment with our secure payment system, and we’ll send an email to verify the transaction as soon as your order is complete!

Am I able to get rid of electrical products in my skip?

Electronic objects including television sets, freezers, refrigerators, laptops or computers, monitors and tumble dryers are classed as a hazardous waste and therefore cannot be put in your skip with other waste. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 dictates that electric powered goods must be segregated from other rubbish. This helps ensure that they can be recycled and disposed of in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner.

What happens to the waste in the skip?

As soon as your skip is full and ready for collection, it will be transported to a local waste transfer station to be processed. The contents will be sorted into the different waste materials, including timber, cardboard, paper, etc. This helps to ensure that as much of the waste as possible will be recycled, which is much better for the environment.

How long am I able to hire the skip for?

You can typically have the skip for as many as 2 weeks from the date of delivery. It is possible to give a chosen pick up date at the time you place your order. Otherwise, you can let us know once you have finished, and we will arrange your collection. Usually, this will be the following working day, although it can sometimes take slightly longer over hectic times.

Do I require permission to get a skip delivered on the road in New Quay?

In the vast majority of situations, your skip can be delivered on your drive, the road, path or grass verge and deliveries can be made to your house or workplace. If you would like your skip to be placed on land outside of your business or residence, you must get permission from the local council in New Quay, which is referred to as a permit. If necessary, we would be glad to organise this on your behalf, so it’s one less thing to worry about. The local authority will charge a fee for the skip license, and you should be aware before booking that getting the licence will often take up to two working days.

Who will deliver my skip?

A local skip firm will likely deliver your skip in New Quay. We utilize a network of both regional and national companies to enable us to offer our service to customers throughout the whole of the UK. These firms are comprehensively assessed to ensure they fulfill the high principles we require with regards to service, cost and environmental performance.

What sizes do roll-on roll-off skips come in?

The roll-on roll-off skip (RORO) is a large container that can be used to dispose of significant volumes of waste materials. Mostly, these type of skips are hired for business applications. Having said that, residential clients can also order them. It is very important take into account the area they will occupy, because they measure between 20 – 40 cubic yards. Because of this, they must only be used for lightweight materials such as paper, wood and cardboard, and are not suitable for the disposal of soil and concrete.

How much waste will fit in the mini skip?

The mini skip is the smallest size offered and can describe either the 2 or 3 cubic yard skip. These compact bins are fantastic for small DIY jobs and household clearances. Their small footprint makes them perfect for driveways.

They can be used to dispose of all types of waste, from household furnishings and broken toys to paving slabs and soil. With a volume of approximately 25-30 bags of waste, the mini skip could save you needing to make numerous journeys to the local recycling centre.

How fast can you deliver a skip to New Quay?

When you place an order before 3pm Monday to Friday, we can usually have your skip delivered the next day. In some instances, we will even provide a same-day delivery service. Availability and delivery days are confirmed during the online order process.

What skip sizes will have a drop down door?

Typically, the majority of skips can be supplied with a hinged door, depending on skip size, availability and area. If you want a drop down door, please let us know when ordering your skip.

Getting a skip with a drop door is mainly useful if you are hiring a large builder’s skip, because it allows you to wheelbarrow waste into the skip. This isn’t as important for mini skips, because they are lower enough at the edges for you to be able to tip waste over the edge.

Other areas covered include Carmarthen, Tregaron, Ammanford, Cardigan, Neyland, Tenby, Kidwelly and Pembroke Dock.

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