Affordable Skip Hire in Mere

There are numerous reasons why you may find you will want to order a skip. Some people need a skip because they decided to clean up an overgrown garden. Others may be in the middle of construction work and want to throw out the mess and rubble left behind. You may just be considering hiring a skip to dispose of the rubbish that has accumulated within your loft throughout the years.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are interested in an affordable Mere skip hire service, then look no further.

Our company offers a cost-effective and trustworthy solution to both residential and industrial customers across Mere. Our skip hire service includes a selection of sizes to deal with all waste removal requirements. When you don’t require a lot of space, the 2 yard mini skip might be the ideal solution for you. Equally, if you feel that your requirements could be on the bigger side, you might need to consider one of our 6 or 8 cubic yard builder’s skips.

Our service is offered throughout the Mere area, and we work with both domestic and business clients. Using a simple online ordering system, you can get a skip ordered with only a few clicks.

To start, type in your delivery postcode to see the range of sizes offered and the price to hire a skip in Mere.

Mere Skip Hire FAQs

Where do you take the rubbish from my skip?

As soon as your skip is full and ready for collection, we will collect it and take it to a local waste recycling centre, where it will be processed. The rubbish gets segregated into several different waste types, which includes timber, metals and plastics. This helps to ensure as much of the rubbish is recycled as possible. We are proud of our commitment to minimising environmental impact by sending as little waste to landfill as possible!

Which size skips have a door?

Typically, nearly all skips can be supplied with a drop door, depending on skip size, availability and area. If you require a drop down door, please tell us when ordering your skip.

Ordering a skip which has a drop door is mainly beneficial if you are choosing a large builder’s skip, as it lets you wheelbarrow your waste straight into the skip. This is not as important for mini skips, because they are small enough at the ends for you to be able to tip waste over the edge.

What is the cost of skip hire in Mere?

The cost of hiring a skip in Mere is determined by the size of skip you require. The cheapest option available is the 2 cubic yard mini skip, which is suited to small DIY projects and general clearances. If you need a larger skip, such as an 8 cubic yard builders skip, it will naturally be more expensive. The price will also be more if you need to have the skip placed on the road, since you will need a permit, which the local authority charge a fee for.

When will my skip be delivered?

We will make sure your skip will be provided on the day required, which in most cases is going to be Monday to Saturday. When you order prior to 3pm Monday to Friday, we can normally deliver your chosen skip the next day.

Although we can’t guarantee an exact delivery time, we will do our best to arrive within either a morning or afternoon slot of your choosing.

It is important to ensure the skip lorry can access the delivery area, as a failed delivery attempt will often incur a fee for the wasted trip.

What types of rubbish can you throw in a skip?

Prior to hiring a skip, you must ensure that the sort of rubbish you wish to discard is actually allowed to go in the skip. Some items and materials have to be kept separate and are not allowed to get mixed with general rubbish. This is a legal requirement that aims to help protect the environment.

Examples of waste types you can discard in a skip include household items like furniture, tiles, kitchen cabinets, garden waste and plastics. You may also use a skip to dispose of building and construction waste, like wood, top soil, rubble, metals and gravel.

Some examples of prohibited items include things like electrical goods, tyres, old paint, chemical substances, batteries and asbestos. These are all considered hazardous waste materials and therefore have to be discarded separately from general rubbish.

How large is a roll-on roll-off container?

Roll-on roll-off (RORO) skips are substantial commercial size skips that are used primarily in the commercial sector. These come in 20-40 cubic yards, which makes them perfect for businesses that generate large amounts of waste materials.

What is a builder’s skip?

As the name indicates, a builders skip refers to the size of skip most frequently hired for construction jobs. There are generally two skip sizes which can be described as a builder’s skip – the 6 cubic yard and 8 cubic yard skip. They are both heavy-duty containers that can be used to dispose of substantial amounts of construction and demolition waste materials, including dirt, rubble and stone.

Although branded a builders skip, they can of course be used for a number of other domestic and industrial waste disposal tasks.

Is it okay to pile up waste in my skip?

It is essential not to overfill the skip. You must not pass the level load mark that is indicated along the side of the skip. If your skip is overloaded, it will become very dangerous to transport. Which means that if you overload the skip, you may be asked to take away the excess rubbish. Regardless of how safe you feel the skip to be, it can not be picked up if overloaded. This includes using old doors or other large flat materials to build up around the rubbish. That is dangerous and is therefore not allowed.

Am I able to get rid of electrical products in my skip?

Unfortunately it is not permitted, since electronic items like old TVs, cookers, computers and monitors are classed as hazardous waste materials. Due to The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013, these items need to be kept separate for them to be recycled and disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Should I stay in when the skip will be delivered?

You don’t really need to be at home when the skip will be delivered, however it will help. Being home whenever the skip arrives means that you can make sure the driver is given complete access and that the skip can be placed exactly where you want it. Likewise, if your skip is being delivered to business premises, we will appreciate your help at the time of delivery, especially if gates restrict the lorry’s entry.

Even so, for those who can’t be around at the time of delivery, you don’t need to worry. We just ask you to tell us when you place your order, and then we will arrange things from there.

Will you deliver skips across Wiltshire?

Yes, we provide a nationwide skip hire and waste management service. We can provide our range of skips to areas throughout Wiltshire, such as Mere, Trowbridge, Westbury and Warminster. So wherever you need a skip to get delivered, we have got it covered.

How long am I allowed to keep the skip for?

Usually, you can have the skip for a maximum of two week. Which means you don’t have to hurry through your project. If you have completed your project or the skip is fully loaded before the 14-day mark, we will be glad to come and collect the skip earlier. Just give us a call or contact us on our website, and we will be out to get it as soon as possible.

How much waste can you fit in a mini skip?

The mini skip is the smallest skip available from skip companies and is designed for smaller DIY jobs, garden clearances and general tidy-ups. For most firms, the mini skip is a 2 cubic yard skip, that can contain the equivalent of about 25 black bags worth of waste.

Rather than a 2 yard skip, some companies will offer a 3 yard as their smallest skip. They will refer to this as being a mini skip, which can be a little confusing. But rest assured, the fee for hiring a skip depends on the actual size of the skip ordered, so whether it is labelled as being a mini skip or not will not make any difference.

What skip sizes can you provide?

This site offers a complete variety of skip capacities to residential and business clients throughout the UK. We have a skip to suit all needs – from the humble 2 cubic yard mini skip to the huge 40 yard roll-on roll-off container.

Listed below are the various sizes to choose from, with a rough idea of the amount of rubbish each skip is capable of holding:

  • 2 Cubic Yard – 20-30 bin bags
  • 4 Cubic Yard – 30-40 bin bags
  • 6 Cubic Yard – 50-60 bin bags
  • 8 Cubic Yard – 60-80 bin bags
  • 10 Cubic Yard – 80-100 bin bags
  • 12 Cubic Yard – 100-120 bin bags
  • 14 Cubic Yard – 120-140 bin bags
  • 16 Cubic Yard – 140-160 bin bags

For more info about our choice of skips, such as dimensions plus the waste they can be used for, take a look at our guide to skip sizes.

What is the process of ordering a skip in Mere?

Ordering a skip in Mere through us is incredibly straightforward. Pick the skip size you require and then enter a handful of details about when and where you want the skip delivered. You can then pay for the skip using our safe and secure online payment platform. We will send you a confirmation email and arrange to get your skip delivered to you.

Can I have a skip delivered on the road in Mere?

Ideally, you should have the skip left on a hard surface. If you are doing a domestic job, then the drive is going to be best. If it is a commercial job, then a car park or company premises is the way to go. Having said that, when neither option is available, the road or grass verge might be your only choice. As this is public land, you have got to obtain a permit from the local authority. This is known as a skip permit, and will be necessary for a skip to be positioned on the street, grass verge or any other public property in Mere. If this is needed, we will arrange for the permit to be issued for you. An additional fee, paid to the local authority, will be added to the cost of your skip.

Will a Mere skip hire company deliver my skip?

A local skip company will likely deliver your skip in Mere. We employ a network of both local and nationwide providers to allow us to offer our service to domestic and business customers across the whole of the UK. These businesses are comprehensively assessed to guarantee they match the high expectations we demand regarding service, cost and environmental performance.

Other areas covered include Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster, Wilton, Swindon, Marlborough, Cricklade and Highworth.

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