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If you are interested in hiring a 6yd skip for your next waste disposal project, we can help. We provide a nationwide skip hire and waste management service to both residential and commercial customers.

A 6yd skip, otherwise known as a 6 yard skip or 6 cubic yard skip, is one of the most common sizes used for waste removal projects. These skips are commonly seen at homes undergoing renovation work and similar projects where bulky items need to be disposed of.

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How big is a 6yd skip?

A 6 yard skip is what we call a small builders skip. It is ideal for mid-level projects, such as small construction jobs, garden clearances, and home renovations.

A 6 yard skip size is similar to the size of a small van. It can hold up to 50-60 bin bags worth of waste material, equivalent to around 27 wheelbarrows of waste.

What are the dimensions of a 6 yard skip?

6 yard skip dimensions do vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and skip hire company. However, the standard dimensions of the 6 cubic yard skip are as follows:

  • Capacity – 6 cubic yards / 4.6 cubic metres
  • Height – 4′ 0″ / 1.22 metres
  • Length – 8′ 6″ / 2.6 metres
  • Width – 5′ 0″ / 1.52 metres

6 Yard Skip Dimensions

How much does a 6yd skip cost?

The cost of hiring a 6yd skip varies across the UK. We work in partnership with skip hire companies nationwide to ensure we can offer the cheapest possible prices.

On average, 6 yard skip prices will vary from £160 to £220 but can cost even more in some areas such as London and other towns and cities in the South of the county.

Hiring a skip will also cost more if a permit is required. Skip permits are needed whenever a skip is dropped onto the road or other public property. The cost of the license again varies depending on the location, with most councils charging between £15 to £50.

What can you put in a 6 cubic yard skip?

A 6 cubic yard skip can be used to dispose of all types of different waste. This makes them an excellent choice for both commercial and domestic customers.

Examples of the type of waste you can put in a 6 yard skip include:

  • Construction waste such as bricks, rubble and soil.
  • Household waste such as furniture, clothes and old toys.
  • Garden waste such as tree cuttings, soil and hedge trimmings.
  • Office waste such as paper and cardboard.

Although the 6 yard skip is great for most types of rubbish, it is important to keep in mind that there are some things that you can’t put in the skip.

Generally speaking, items that are prohibited are waste materials that are classed as hazardous waste. This includes asbestos, fridges and freezers, paint tins, car tyres, batteries, chemicals, gas cylinders and computer monitors.

If you have any of the above items to dispose of from your home, you may be able to take them to your local council recycling centre.

However, we can also offer a full range of specialist hazardous waste collection services. This includes covered skips for asbestos, liquid waste disposal and clinical waste collections. Please get in touch with us for a quote or visit our hazardous waste disposal page for further information on these services.

Will I need a permit to hire a 6 yard skip?

You will only need a permit if you want to have a 6 yard skip delivered on the road or other public property. You will not need a skip permit if the skip is going on private property, such as a driveway.

The cost of a skip permit varies across the UK, with councils charging different amounts. Prices generally range between £15 to £50 but can cost even more in some areas.

If you require a permit when hiring a 6 yard skip, you don’t need to worry, as we take care of everything for you. When placing your order online, you will be asked if the skip will be delivered on public or private property. If you select public property (e.g. on the road), the price displayed will automatically include the cost of the permit.

When hiring a skip on public property, one thing to bear in mind is that it can take a couple of days for some local authorities to issue a skip permit.

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