Affordable Skip Hire in Darwen

If you are looking for cost-effective skip hire in Darwen, you are in the best place. We make use of a network of local and countrywide skip hire businesses to provide a reliable and efficient service to both residential and business clients.

We provide a thorough selection of sizes perfect for any waste removal requirements. From the small mini skip up to the 16 cubic yard bin, not to mention our range of commercial roll-on roll-off containers.

We supply skips across Darwen and the surrounding areas. If you are getting a skip positioned on your private property (for example a driveway), we can in most cases organise delivery within 24 hours. Skips which will be dropped on the highway require a bit longer, as we will need to get a skip permit from the local authority.

With a simple online booking system, you can hire your skip within just a few clicks and get it delivered anywhere in Darwen.

For extra info about hiring a skip and the services we provide, we have answered many of the frequently asked questions below. Can’t find what you are looking for? Speak to a member of our team who will be glad to help.

Darwen Skip Hire FAQs

When will my skip be delivered?

If you place an order prior to 3pm Monday to Friday, we can typically have your skip delivered the following day. Sometimes, we can even provide a same-day delivery option. Availability and delivery days are confirmed during the order process.

Can you deliver skips across Lancashire?

As well as delivering skips and containers to Darwen, we also deliver to other towns and villages throughout Lancashire. Through our network of regional and national waste management companies, we provide you with a totally nationwide service. So whether you need a skip delivering to a house or business in Darwen, Padiham or Nelson, we have got it covered.

Am I allowed to fill the skip higher than the level load mark?

It is important never to overload your skip, as you risk being told to take out excessive waste prior to it being collected. Irrespective of what size you order, you are only allowed to load them to a level load. This is a safety requirement, because moving an overloaded bin is dangerous, as materials could fall and cause injury or damage to other people.

To avoid this problem, please be sure to hire a skip size suited to your waste disposal needs. If your skip is full and you have further rubbish to get rid of, we are happy to arrange an exchange.

How long am I able to hire the skip for?

The price of hiring a skip will in most cases include a hire period of up to two weeks. Usually, that gives you plenty of time to fill up the skip. However, if you need a little more time, let us know, and we will see what we can do.

Of course, should you finish with the skip sooner, we are happy to arrange your collection. Just tell us once you have finished, and we will organise to send out one of our drivers to pick up the skip as soon as possible.

What sort of rubbish am I able to throw in a skip?

You may use your skip to get rid of a variety of waste types. We are experienced in picking up and processing numerous materials generated from construction jobs, garden landscaping and home clearances. Examples of permitted waste types can include:

  • Home furniture
  • Tree trimmings
  • Garden soil
  • Rubble
  • Bathroom suites
  • Kitchen cabinets and units

Many different waste materials are generally allowed, and so whether you want to discard furniture, plastics, wood or fabric, we can usually take your rubbish away.

The quantity and waste types you discard in the skip may vary depending on the size skip you ordered. Skips have a weight limit for safety reasons. So if you would like dispose of garden soil and hardcore, for example, the largest size container you will be able to use will be the 8 cubic yard builders skip.

Are there items that I can’t throw in the skip?

There are several items that you are not permitted to dump in your skip. The reason behind this is that some products contain hazardous components which may damage the environment. They could also be harmful to human health, therefore they must be disposed of separately within UK law.

A few examples of the goods that are restricted include:

  • Paint cans
  • Solvents Fridges
  • Gas cylinders
  • PC monitors
  • Battery packs
  • Car tyres
  • Chemical substances
  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboard

What is classed as being a builders skip?

As the name suggests, a builders skip is the size of skip most commonly supplied for construction work. There are generally two sizes that may be classed as being a builder’s skip – the 6 yard and 8 yard skip. These are both heavy-duty containers that you can use to dispose of significant amounts of construction and demolition materials, including soil, rubble and rock.

Even though they are branded a builder’s skip, they can of course be used for a number of other household and industrial waste disposal tasks.

Will a skip hire company from Darwen deliver my skip?

As we offer a UK-wide skip hire service, we utilise a comprehensive network of verified and approved businesses. These can include small family-run skip hire businesses to national waste management service providers. Each of our service providers are vetted to ensure they match our high customer service and environmental principles.

What happens to the rubbish once the skip is collected?

Once your skip is full and ready for collection, we will collect it and transport it to a nearby waste transfer station, where it will be processed. The rubbish will get sorted into various waste types, which includes stone, metals and cardboard. This helps to ensure as much of the waste will be recycled as possible. We are very proud of our commitment to minimising environmental impact by sending as little to landfill as possible!

How many different skip sizes are available?

When it comes to hiring a skip in Darwen, you have various options to select from, ranging from 2 to 40 cubic yards in volume.

The 2 cubic yard container, often referred to as a mini skip, will be the smallest option available. This compact skip is fantastic for small household clearances and DIY work.

The next available size is the 4 yard midi skip, that can hold the equivalent of approximately 35-40 bin bags of rubbish.

After the midi comes the builder’s skips, that are available in either 6 or 8 yards. These are the most common sizes hired, as builders and tradespeople frequently make use of them. But their big capacity also makes them great for house tidy ups involving large items such as pieces of furniture and beds.

We can supply 10, 12, 14 and 16 cubic yard skips for those with even bigger rubbish disposal requirements. These sizes are only suitable for lightweight materials, so they cannot be hired to get rid of soil or stone.

For further details about the different capacities offered, such as dimensions, take a look at our help guide to skip sizes.

What is the process of hiring a skip in Darwen?

Ordering a skip shouldn’t be difficult. That is why we have made the order procedure as easy as possible. First, enter your address to view all the different skips we can deliver to Darwen. Select which size you want to order, and confirm if it will be delivered on private property. Enter in your details and make payment using our secure online payment platform.

Once your order is done, we will send a confirmation email with your booking information. You can then sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

What is a roll-on roll-off container?

The roll-on roll-off container, often known as a RORO, is a massive container used to get rid of large quantities of rubbish. These containers are mainly for business use but can be used by household customers as well. Having said that, you will need a lot of room as these skips vary from 20 to 40 cubic yards, which is much larger in comparison to the average skip you will likely see on the side of the road.

Due to the size, RORO containers should only be used for light materials like plastics, timber and cardboard, so they are not suited to disposing of soil and bricks.

How much waste can you fit in the mini skip?

The mini skip is the smallest size offered and may describe either the 2 or 3 yard skip. These small containers are perfect for small DIY jobs and household clearances. Their small footprint makes them great for driveways.

They may be used to dispose of all types of waste materials, from house furnishings and broken baby toys to paving blocks and garden soil. With a volume of around 25-30 bin bags of waste, the mini skip can save you needing to make numerous journeys to your local recycling centre.

Can I dispose of electrical products in my skip?

No, you can not dispose of old electrical waste items in your skip. This can include things like laptops or computers, hobs, washing machines, fridges and television sets. These products can’t be thrown in your skip as they can have hazardous materials and components.

Under the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations, old electrical products cannot go to landfill and should be recycled.

Will my skip have a drop down door?

If you are getting a builder’s skip, the likelihood is that it will have a drop door. This is perfect for disposing of hefty building and demolition waste, as it can be pushed into the skip with a wheelbarrow.

Some mini skips and 4 yarders also have a drop-down door, though these are typically more uncommon. This is because these sizes are typically low enough at the ends for you to tip a wheelbarrow of waste materials into them.

If you prefer a drop door for your job, please tell us when ordering. We will do our best to ensure a container which has a drop door is supplied.

Do I need to be at home when the skip will be delivered?

No, you do not have to be at home when we deliver your skip. So long as we are able to access where you want it delivered, we can manage it all.

If you are not likely to be in, simply let us have any relevant delivery instructions when you book the order. For instance, you might need the skip to be positioned at a particular part of your driveway. Or you might want to be sure that the skip does not prevent access to your garage.

No matter what the situation might be, provide the information when you place your order, and then we will make sure your instructions are passed on to the delivery driver.

What is the cost of skip hire in Darwen?

The price of hiring a skip in Darwen will depend on the size of skip you need. The least expensive skip available will be the 2 cubic yard mini skip, which is suitable for small DIY projects and general clearances. If you require a bigger skip, such as an 8 cubic yard builders skip, it will naturally cost a bit more. The charge will also be more if you need to have the skip on the highway, as you will require a permit, which the local authority charge a fee for.

If I require a skip on a road in Darwen, will I need to get a permit?

This depends on where the skip is going to be positioned. You will only need to have a skip permit if it is placed on public property, like a street, pavement or grass verge. You will not need a permit if your skip is on private property, like a drive or on your company premises.

If you do need to get a permit, we can organise this for you as part of the service. Just let us know during the order process, and then we can make the required arrangements with your local authority. They will charge a fee for this, so if you can locate your skip on private property, you will save some pounds.

Other areas covered include Padiham, Nelson, Heysham, Poulton-le-Fylde, Trawden, Haslingden, Cleveleys and Adlington.

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