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There are lots of reasons why you may find you will want to order a skip. Some people require a skip because they want to clean up an overgrown garden. Other people could be in the midst of construction work and want to dispose of the mess and rubble left behind. You may be looking at ordering a skip to get rid of the junk which has built up in your loft through the years.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are interested in an affordable skip hire service in Cuckfield, then look no further.

We provide a cost-effective and trustworthy service to both domestic and business customers throughout Cuckfield. Our skip hire service includes a selection of sizes to handle all waste management and recycling requirements. When you don’t need a lot of space, the mini skip will be the ideal option for you. Likewise, if you feel that your job might be on the bigger side, you might want to consider our 6 or 8 yard builder’s skips.

Our services are available throughout the Cuckfield area, and we deal with both residential and industrial customers. With a simple online ordering platform, you can have your skip ordered within only a couple of clicks.

To get started, enter your delivery postcode to view the range of sizes available and the cost to hire a skip in Cuckfield.

Cuckfield Skip Hire FAQs

Will a Cuckfield skip hire company deliver my skip?

As we offer a nationwide waste management service, we use a comprehensive network of verified and approved companies. These vary from small family-run skip hire companies to national waste management providers. Our service providers are vetted to ensure they match our high customer service and environmental standards.

How many different skip sizes are there?

Skips are offered in a variety of different sizes to match different waste disposal requirements. Each container is measured by volume, typically in cubic yards. The smallest of which is the 2 yard skip, often referred to as the mini skip. It will hold roughly 25 bags of rubbish, which is good for small residential jobs.

The next size up is the 4 yard skip, which will hold approximately 35 bags of rubbish. This skip is roughly the dimensions of a smallish car and is sometimes known as a midi skip. The 4 yard is a great option for garage clearances and household refurbishment jobs.

When you have a more significant rubbish disposal task to take on, the builder’s skip may be the smartest choice. These are available in both 6 and 8 cubic yard sizes. As the name indicates, these represent the most common sizes ordered by builders for building and demolition waste, such as soil and stone. However they can equally well be hired for domestic waste such as broken furniture or kitchen cabinets.

We can also offer 10-16 cubic yard containers and commercial 20-40 yard RORO containers. To get more details about all the different skip sizes we have available, click the link below.

Guide to skip sizes

Do you deliver to other areas in West Sussex?

Along with delivering skips and containers to Cuckfield, we also deliver to other towns and villages throughout West Sussex. With the help of our network of local and national skip hire and recycling businesses, we offer a truly nationwide service. So whether you require a skip delivering to Cuckfield, Littlehampton or Petworth, we have got you covered.

Where do you take the rubbish from my skip?

After you have finished filling your skip, we will come and get it. It will be transported to a waste recycling station in or local to Cuckfield where we will sort the waste into its composite types (timber, metal, rubble, etc.). By separating the waste from your skip, we can reuse and recycle as much of it as possible.

What is the cost of skip hire in Cuckfield?

This will depend on the skip size you require and whether you require a council permit. As you would expect, the smallest skip (the 2 yard mini skip) will be the least expensive option. The most costly and biggest choice is the 40 cubic yard RORO container, which is used mainly in industrial settings. To receive an instant price for skip hire in Cuckfield, simply enter the delivery postcode into the search box above.

Is it okay to fill the skip above level load line?

It is important not to overfill a skip, as you risk being asked to take off surplus waste before it can be collected. Whatever size you hire, you are only permitted to load them to a level load. This is a basic safety condition, because transporting an overloaded skip will be hazardous, as waste could fall and cause personal injury or damage to others.

To prevent this problem, please be sure to order a skip size suited to your waste removal requirements. If the skip is full but you have some extra waste to dispose of, we are pleased to provide an exchange.

How much waste will a mini skip hold?

If you have a small quantity of rubbish to throw out, the mini skip may be the best solution. What size is referred to as a mini skip varies from business to business, according to what sizes they provide.

The most popular size for the mini skip is 2 cubic yards. However, some firms choose to have a 3 yard container as their smallest option. The cost depends on the specific size you hire, instead of the phrase “mini skip”.

Mini skips are great for residential work like modest DIY projects and garden shed tidy ups. If you would like it placed on your driveway and need space to park your car, the mini skip’s small footprint makes them the best choice.

Am I able to get a skip that has a drop down door?

For anybody who is hiring a builder’s skip, the likelihood is that it will include a drop door. This is ideal for getting rid of hefty building and construction waste, as it can be pushed in to the skip with a wheelbarrow.

Some mini skips and 4 cubic yarders also feature a drop down door, although these are less common. This is because these sizes are typically small enough at the ends so that you can tip a wheelbarrow of waste into them.

If you need a drop door for your job, tell us when ordering. We will do our utmost to ensure a skip that has a drop door is delivered.

What types of rubbish am I able to put in a skip?

It is possible to put a wide array of waste types in the skip. This includes wood, floor tiles, plastics or bricks from a house clearance. Plant and bush cuttings, dirt and rock from garden tasks are permitted as well. Dated cabinets from your kitchen and old bathroom fittings may also go in your skip.

However, there are a few items that you are not allowed to put in a skip due to the potential ecological or health risk they can trigger.

You cannot throw out your fridge freezer, computer or car tyres. Paint, chemicals and asbestos is also not allowed in the skip. Each of these items incorporate hazardous elements in one form or another. They need to be disposed of separately from your normal waste.

If you require hazardous waste disposal, we may be able to organise a separate service for this waste. Feel free to get in touch for further information. Alternatively, if you are a residential customer, you might be able to take this kind of waste to your local council run recycling facility.

Do I need to stay in when the skip is going to be delivered?

When you are getting a skip delivered to your home, it is always best to be there at the time the skip is delivered. Then you can make sure the skip lorry has complete access and that the skip is located exactly where you need it. This also is true for those who have a skip delivered to business premises, particularly when gates limit access.

Having said that, if that is not possible, you do not need to stress. Just tell us when you are placing your order, and then we will handle the rest.

How can I hire a skip in Cuckfield?

Hiring a skip in Cuckfield through us is very simple. Decide on the skip size you require and then enter a handful of details about where and when you would like your skip to be delivered. You can then pay for the skip using our secure online payment platform. We will send a confirmation email and then schedule to get your skip delivered on the date selected.

Can I throw electrical items in the skip?

Due to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013, electronic objects must be kept separate from general waste to be recycled or disposed of safely. This can include all electric goods including cookers, TVs, kettles, tablets and even hairdryers.

How long does it take to get a skip in Cuckfield?

When you place your order before 3pm Monday to Friday, we can usually have your skip delivered the next day. In some cases, we will even give you a same day delivery service. Availability and delivery dates will be confirmed during the order process.

How much waste can I get in a builder’s skip?

As the name indicates, a builders skip refers to the size of skip most frequently used for construction work. There are typically two different sizes which can be described as a builder’s skip – the 6 cubic yard and 8 cubic yard skip. They are both heavy-duty skips that can be used to dispose of significant amounts of building and demolition waste materials, including garden soil, concrete and bricks.

Although they are branded a builders skip, these can be used for multiple other residential and commercial waste disposal tasks.

Do I require approval to get a skip delivered on the street in Cuckfield?

If possible, you should have the skip dropped on to a hard surface. For anybody who is carrying out a domestic job, then a drive is going to be ideal. If it is a commercial job, then a car park or company premises is the ideal solution. Having said that, if neither option is available, the street or grass verge might be your only choice. As this is public property, you will need to obtain a permit from your local authority. This is called a skip permit, and will be required for a skip to be dropped on a street, grass verge or any other public property in Cuckfield. If this is required, we will arrange for the license to be granted for you. An extra fee, paid to the local council, will be added to the price of your chosen skip size.

What is a roll-on roll-off container?

The roll-on roll-off container, often known as a RORO, is a large skip that can be used to get rid of large quantities of rubbish. These skips are mainly for commercial use but can be hired by household customers as well. Having said that, you will require lots of space as these skips range from 20 to 40 cubic yards, which is much bigger compared to the average skip you will likely see on the roadside.

Due to the size, these skips can only be used for light materials such as plastics, timber and cardboard, so they are not suitable for disposing of soil and bricks.

How long am I allowed to hire a skip for?

Typically, you can have your skip for a maximum of 2 weeks. Which means you do not need to hurry through your project. Once you have completed your project or the skip is loaded ahead of the 14-day mark, we will gladly come and pick up the skip earlier. Just give us a call or get in touch online, and we will be out to get it as quickly as possible.

Other areas covered include Littlehampton, Petworth, Selsey, Bognor Regis, Haywards Heath, Steyning, Hassocks and East Grinstead.

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